Vehicle Fire Mount Pleasant Rd
By Watch Desk
June 2, 2023

Union Fire Company No. 1 was alerted to a vehicle fire at 12:49 AM on Friday morning June 2nd.

DEP21, (Dep. Meadowcroft) was first on scene and reported a vehicle 100 feet off of the roadway fully engulfed in flames.

ENG21-1, (Lt. Bennett) arrived with a crew of 5 and quickly stretched the bumper line. The crew had water on the fire within 90 seconds of arrival.

ENG21-2, (Lt. Testa) arrived and used our new HURST Edraulic cutter to gain access to the melted hood latch.

Tanker 21, (Chief Booth) was on scene ready to supply water if needed.

The fire was extinguished in a matter of minutes. Crews used approximately 750 gallons of water. Union Fire Company was on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

Pennsylvania State Police arrived on scene and continued their investigation as all units were cleared from the scene.

Units: DEP21 E21-1 E21-2 TKR21 AMB212
Mutual Aid: PSP