Three Alarm Fire In Historic Elkton Maryland
By Watch Desk
May 21, 2023

At 5:49 on Sunday the 21st, Union Fire Company members were alerted to a 2nd alarm fire in a historic building at the corner of North and Main Streets in Elkton, Maryland. The Singerly Fire Department arrived on scene with heavy fire showing from the 3rd floor.

Engine 21-2 (Captain Kane) responded with a crew of 6 and arrived on scene. Just before arrival Command gave the evacuation command and made the decision to go defensive. Soon after arrival Command asked for a 3rd alarm to be raised.

On arrival, the crew of Engine 21-2 was assigned to the rear of the structure to man a 2.5" hoseline as well as a 1.75" hoseline, while crews from surrounding companies used aerial devices to attack the fire from above.

Crews transitioned and were sent into the structure to look for extension and to begin overhaul. The crew of Engine 21-2 was sent to the third floor with hooks and a hoseline to continue to extinguish and overhaul.

Approximately 3 hours into the operation, the bulk of the fire had been knocked and the box was placed under control. Engine 21-2’s was then sent into the rear of the structure once again with a hoseline and hooks to look for hotspots and to continue overhaul.

After the Singerly Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary provided food and drinks, Engine 21-2's reentered to overhaul the third floor hallways and rooms, while ensuring these areas were not hiding hotspots.

Engine 21-2 was released from the scene at approximately 10:15 and were back in quarters at 11:00

Units: E21-2