HURST Tools Training
By Watch Desk
May 16, 2023

On Monday May 15, Union Fire Company members spent time with MES HURST Representative John Sileski learning vehicle rescue techniques with our new battery operated tools.

Members made quick work off two cars under the careful watch and instruction of John Sileski, Capt Kane, Lt. Bennett, and Hosman Nava.

These battery operated tools are fast, powerful, and easily maneuverable. Members were able to use the spreader to take four doors and the fenders in a matter of minutes. The ram was used to open the passenger compartment and roll the dash to show how we can safely manage patient care while deconstructing the vehicle.

The more our members get tool time, the more prepared we will be when Union Fire Company is dispatched to an incident in our district.

Units: E21-2 E21-4