Fire Alarm and Accident
By Hoseman JP Bennett
September 18, 2022

After a pretty quiet weekend, E21-1, E21-2, and E21-4 responded to a Fire Alarm on Old Creek Road in East Nottingham.

There was a false activation and 21 Units were cleared.

Luckily, a few members were still on station at Midtown and Nottingham when a Traffic Collision on Mt. Pleasant Road came in a few minutes after the Fire Alarm was cleared.

AMB21-1, AMB21-2 RES21, E21-1, E21-4, and multiple Fire Police were able to secure the vehicle and close down a portion of Mt. Pleasant until the car could be cleared from the road.

All units were returned to service without incident.

Units: E21-1, E21-2, E21-4, RES21, AMB21-1, ANB21-2