Rawlinsville Response
By Hoseman JP Bennett
May 26, 2022

At 9:26 Union Fire Company was alerted to relocate Tanker 21 to Robert Fulton Station 89 due to a large structure fire at 921 Lancaster Pike in Providance, PA. Tanker 89 was responding to the fire ground and Tanker 21 was being relocated to cover station 89 for the duration of their service to Rawlinsville.

While in route to Station 89, Union Fire Company was realerted to now report to the fire ground at 921 Lancaster Pike to assist in the Tanker Task force.

The location of the structure fire was Beiler's Sawmill and became a defensive operation with many exposures that needed protection. Tanker 21 assisted in the tanker task force and dumped approximately 12,000 gallons of water in just under 3.5 hours. Tanker 21 cleared the scene roughly 12:30AM and returned to Station 21 without incident.