Flashover "Can" Training
By Hoseman JP Bennett
May 23, 2022

On Monday the 23rd, approximately 17 Interior fire fighters and 5 Exterior or Junior members participated in Flashover training at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus. Members worked in teams of 5 or 6 to study the effects of ventilation on fire. The simulator at CCPST allows fire fighters the opportunity to watch a fire develop. During the simulation, Company 21 members examined and studied the location of fire, smoke conditions, fire growth rate, contents and their exposed surfaces, and the effects of ventilation on smoke and fire.

Members were able to experience fire crawl over their heads simulating what happens when fire is contained, then oxygen is introduced and drastically changes the conditions in the fire compartment.

Member Comments
"That was amazing!"
"The fire was directly above us and looked like it was moving in slow motion."
"It was hot in there, but not as hot as some of the fires we have responded too."
"We will be coming back every year, if we can!'

We would also like to Thank Cecil County Engine 28 for covering our local while we were attending this training.

Units: E21-1 E21-2 E21-4 LAD21
Mutual Aid: Cecil County Station 8
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