Engine and Ladder to Rising Sun
By Union Watch Desk
January 25, 2022

Station 8 Box Alarm

Just after 11pm Tuesday evening, the Union Fire Company No. 1 was alerted for an Engine and the Ladder to assist the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun (Cecil Station 8) on a House Fire in the Unit Block of Louise Court in the town of Rising Sun.

Station 8 units arrived with fire showing from a 2 story townhouse on end of the row. Engine 812's crew deployed a handline and began attacking the fire in the structure, as Truck 8 set up out front.

Ladder 21 responded with 6 firefighters, with the crew throwing ground ladders as their first task. Part of the crew went interior to do a search, while others went to the roof to cut a hole for ventilation.

Engine 21-2 responded with 4 firefighters, with their crew checking the exposure dwelling before going to work inside the fire building.

Photos courtesy of the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun.

Units: Ladder 21, Engine 21-2
Mutual Aid: Rising Sun, Port Deposit, North East, Robert Fulton