Acquired Structure Training
By Watchdesk
October 3, 2021

Five members spent their Sunday morning training on vertical ventilation at an acquired structure in Lincoln University. Members gained valuable experience working from our aerial ladder and using a chain saw to cut holes on the pitched roof. Over the last few months, drills have been conducted at this dwelling such as search, hose line stretches, and forcible entry. The house is scheduled to be razed later this week to make way for a new home.

The Union Fire Company is always in search of homes in our district that are scheduled for demolition to use for training. We aren't in the business of burning homes down, but we can certainly gain valuable training experience using real homes. If you have a home or other building that is going to be torn down, reach out to us so we can discuss options.

Send an email to with 'Acquired Structure' in the subject.

Units: Ladder 21