Building Fire in Upper Oxford
By Union Watch Desk
October 12, 2020

Box 2108

On Monday morning, Station 21, Station 27 (Cochranville), Station 22 (West Grove) and Cecil Rescue 8 (Rising Sun) for the RIT were alerted to Dalin Dr. in Upper Oxford Township for the Building Fire.

Responding units were advised of a Mushroom House on Fire and that it was believed to be unoccupied.

Chief 21 was the first to arrive, with a 40x60 building with heavy smoke showing. At this time, the Working Fire Dispatch and First Alarm Tanker Task Force were requested for additional resources and the Dalin Dr. Command was established.

Engine 21-1 arrived as the First Due Engine and laid a supply line in to the building from Newark Rd. (Rt 896), followed by Engine 22-1. The crews stretched a 2 1/2 inch line and an 1 3/4 line and prepared for fire attack. Once inside, crews made their way through the smoke as they worked to access the location of the fire.

Ladder 21 arrived as the First Due Truck and took a position to access the roof via the aerial. The crew cut ventilation holes in the metal roof to get the smoke and heat out of the structure, as Ladder 22 took the Second Due Truck assignment and set up on the opposite side of the building.

The Tanker shuttle and water supply operations were set up on Newark Rd, resulting in Fire Police being needed to direct traffic around the scene.

Interior crews had to cut through multiple garage doors to access and ventilate the building. Once the fire was located, it was quickly contained by the first in crews.

Due to the size of the building, numerous fans were used to ventilate the smoke through exterior doors.

Once the fire was brought under control and overhaul completed, the remaining units were available just after 10am.

Units: Engine 21-1, Engine 21-4, Ladder 21, Rescue 21, Tanker 21, Squad 21, Chief 21, Station 21 EMS, Station 21 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: West Grove, Cochranville, Rising Sun, Longwood, Avondale Tanker 23, Lancaster Tanker 57, Lancaster Tanker 52, Lancaster Tanker 45, Lancaster Tanker 51, Lancaster Engine 89, Modena Engine 37-3, PECO, Chester County Fire Marshalls