By Union Firemen
January 3, 2018

The Union Fire Company No. 1 has taken somewhat of a new look in 2018. The top two leadership roles within the company will have different faces this year.

Debbie Terry has been elected President of the Fire Company. Debbie joined the fire company in 1984 and has served in many Administrative roles throughout her career has become the first female President in the 147 year history of the fire company.

BJ Meadowcroft has been elected Fire Chief. BJ joined the fire company in 2001 after being a part of our Career EMS Staff. BJ has served as a Lieutenant, Captain, and Assistant Chief.

Our 2018 Executive Administration

President - Debbie Terry
Vice-President - Jim Booth
Recording Secretary - Amanda Slauch
Chaplain - Marty Wilson
Board Member - Robert L. Prettyman, Sr.
Board Member - Rich Terry
Board Member - Brian Carter
Board Member - Chuck Deaver
Board Member - Bill Goodley
Board Member - Brian Kelley

2018 Relief Association

President - Jim Booth
Vice-President - Shane Kinsey
Treasurer - Matt Woolston
Secretary - Brian Kelley
Board Member - Steve Gray
Board Member - Hans Thomas
Board Member - Sean Montgomery
Board Member - Mark Vitanza
Board Member - Brian McCabe
Board Member - Mike Sells

2018 EMS Officers

EMS Manager - John Poole
Assistant EMS Manager - Allen Wood, Jr.
EMS Administrator - Mary Wilson

2018 Board of Engineers

Fire Chief - BJ Meadowcroft
Deputy Chief - Chris Obenchain
Assistant Chief - John Poole
Captain - Tim Greene
Captain - Shane Kinsey
Lieutenant - Brian Kelley
Lieutenant - Bob Prettyman, Jr.
Lieutenant - Mark Vitanza
Safety Officer - Jim Booth
Hoseman - Hans Thomas
Chief Engineer - Rick Ruoss

The Members of the Union Fire Company like to congratulate our new Fire Chief and President and wish them all of the best this year. We would also like to thank all of the Members of have stepped up to fill the positions listed above and to fill all of the committees for the year.

We wish everyone a very HAPPY and SAFE New Year!!!

New Year...New Us!!!
New Year...New Us!!!
Fire Chief BJ Meadowcroft
Fire Chief BJ Meadowcroft
President Debbie Terry
President Debbie Terry
"Southside Pride"
"Southside Pride"