Live Burn Drills
By Union Firemen
April 1, 2017

The Union Fire Company No. 1 spent the most of the morning at the West Chester Fire Department Training Facility. Crews ran several live fire scenarios concentrating on First Due Assignments.

The crews rotated apparatus and handled the following roles:

Engine 21-1: First Due Engine, drop a supply line, run a handline to the interior for fire attack.

Ladder 21: First Due Truck - Throw ground ladders, set up the aerial, Primary searches on all floors.

Engine 21-4: Second Due Engine - Establish water supply from hydrant, run a second/backup handline to the interior.

Once each crew had rotated through each assignment, the final burns were held for anyone wishing to get more live fire attacks.

After the drills, the crews cleaned up the burn building and surrounding property before returning to Oxford.

Units: Engine 21-1, Engine 21-4, and Ladder 21